LUXCERA opens many possibilities

Our flat boards can be cut in any shape for you. Your fantasy isn't set any limit, neither  regarding the outer shape nor any cut-outs you are planing. (We only recommend to avoid very sharp angels or elements smaller than 4mm.)

1.4 mm thick boards of LUXCERA© are always available. So we can offer short term delivery. On demand and depending on the needed quantities, we also can supply boards from 1mm to 10mm thickness.

LUXCERA© is a very hard material. We recommend to let us do any process steps like cutouts, notches or slots...

You receive an element you only have to marry with your piece of art.

Because of the rough surface, LUXCERA© can be glued very good. This enables fast and enduring connections with metal parts.

  • Due to its  big surface of LUXCERA© it can be glued very good.

This could be your shape.

LUXCERA©  will be produced to meet your demands - let your imagination run wild. We care for the realization of your ideas.

This e.g. could be your shape of LUXCERA© :

shaped elements of LUXCERA

Luxcera inspires jewelers.

The ornament is infilled with only one round disc of LUXCERA© . This makes the production faster, easier and less expensive.

The combination of the soft wood with the surface "mat de luxe" and the hard and sparkling element of LUXCERA© seems like a symbiosis.

Good to know...

Every diamond - no matter how perfect it is - doesn't twinkle without a good light.


Please always admire your piece of LUXCERA© under the light you are displaying your jewelry successfully. Suitable for this e.g. is halogen-light or bright LEDs.