LUXCERA - a very special material.

LUXCERA©  is a ceramic material made of a chemical element that can only be found in rare minerals or meteorites. Its outstanding technical qualities however, were reason enough to develop it in a research laboratory. LUXCERA© withstands extreme mechanical, thermal or chemical stress.

LUXCERA©  is created by a five-day “baptism of fire” at temperatures exceeding 2.400°C (4.300°F). It is the fifth hardest material on earth, even harder as rubies or sapphires. With almost 10 Mohs its iridescent gloss is sealed for eternity.

This is what makes LUXCERA© outstanding for the jewelry industry:

  • its unique chrystalline structure reflects light like hardly any other material
  • its extreme heat-resistance up to 1450°C (2.640°F) , gives new possibilities in the production of jewelry
  • its outstanding chemical resistance makes acids or bases unable to harm it
  • its individual mold-ability allows designer to create something very unique
  • and, as already mentioned, its extreme hardness makes it resistant to environmental influences.

LUXCERA© is carefully manufactured in Germany. This guarantees constant high quality and short delivery-times.

Lean back and learn more about Luxcera in our short movie.

By the way: the crystalline growth in the kiln can't be influenced by 100%. Therefore each single piece of LUXCERA© is unique!

Technical information

  • Silicon-carbide-content: 99%
  • bulk density: 2,08 g/cc
  • degree of hardness (Mohs): ≈9,8 (Diamond = 10)
  • open porosity: 35 Vol%
  • Pore size: 7–50 µm (according to firing temp.)
  • bending strength (MOR): 4351 psi (at ambient temperature)
  • modules of elasticity: 240 GPa
  • heat conductivity: 173 BTU-in. / hr.ft²°F (1000 °C)
  • dilation: 4,8 K-1*10-6
  • shaping: theoretically each shape is possible. All shapes must be discussed with technichians, especially undercuts, filigree elements or hollow bodies, etc.
  • chemical resistane: resistant against most usual acid or bases in normal concentration.
  • Food safe (accredited by DIN EN 1388-1 – lead- and cadmium solubility)
  • UV-resistant. (UV-rays don`t harm the brillance of the surface, nor the chemical structure of the material)
  • connections: we suggest a mechanical solution. If a chemical solution is necessary, we suggest 2-component-glues to combine LUXCERA© with each other or with other materials
  • thermal resistance: frostresistant down to min. - 76°F heat resistant up to 2642°F. ΔTmin< 500K
  • ultrasonic cleaning: LUXCERA© can be put into ultrasonic
  • microwave safety: cleaning equipment. We recommend not putting LUXCERA© into microwaves.

technical information about LUXCERA for download
here you can download the technical information about LUXCERA© as pdf-data-sheet.
technische Eigenschaften Luxcera.pdf
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