The ceramic with guarantee for attention!

LUXCERA©  is created by a five-day “baptism of fire” at temperatures exceeding 2.400°C (4.300°F). It is the fifth hardest material on earth, even harder as rubies or sapphires. With almost 10 Mohs its iridescent gloss is sealed for eternity.


LUXCERA© = innovative, effective advertising message, that gives a brilliant impression for eternity!

LUXCERA© captivates with its unforgettable shine. Myriads of tiny reflective crystals on its surface are mirroring light like no other material. Attention is guaranteed.

The almost hypnotic glittering attracts the beholders eyes and awakens the interest. Due to this fascination the desire grows to own the object.

2-dimensional but like the deepest space.

LUXCERA© is mainly used for jewellry design. From about 1,4 mm. thick boards we cut inlays, that are combined with precious metals. So we create cuff-links (e.g. as an incentive*), Pendants for chains (e.g.  as a gift for an anniversary*), earrings (e.g. as a promotional gift*) oder tie pin (e.g. for distinctions*).

 *With a logo of the company you make a precious gift out of it.

With objects out of Luxcera your phantasy is unlimited.

LUXCERA© can also be formed out 3-dimensional e.g. for your logo or your mascot. May be you are planning an event in wich you want to award a trophy or a advertising campaign, in wich brilliant ideas or outstanding performances are playing a role.


We are pleased to help you with your promotional strategies.

We realize your ideas with Luxcera.

May be you already have a customer or an event in mind you would like to use LUXCERA© for.

We would like to develope individual ideas for products with LUXCERA© for your presentation

Challenge us with a briefing!

following adjektives in your advertisement can be underlined with LUXCERA©:

  • shining, brillant, sparkling, enchanting,
  • hard, enduring, eternal, persistent
  • fire-/ heatproof
  • made in Germany

Sure you have customers who can identify with one of the above adjectives or are planing a campaign with.

Lean back and find out more about the promotional side of LUXCERA© in a short movie.